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Originally Posted by sylphaen View Post
I'll start with the questions, do you think there is currently an issue with the flow of combat/battles/strategy in PS2 ? Would you have some leads in way to fixing it ? Will you help to work on the public (i.e. empire) command structures ? Outfit tools ?
The flow has come a long way from tech test, but there's definitely room for improvement. A lot of things factor in, from how to efficiently and effectively inform players without overwhelming them, directing new players to the battle, population scaling, keeping it constant and exciting but also fresh, motivating players to do certain things, and discouraging some of the more detrimental behaviors. I think there's plenty to keep myself and others busy in that space. I've got a lot of ideas on different ways to address those things, some of which I've been discussing with Matt. I'd need another manifesto to cover it all.

Not sure about how much empire command or outfit tools involvement I will have, though empire command is certainly impacts the metagame.
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