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Originally Posted by Tatwi View Post
If I could ask you anything, I would ask you... What model of cell phone do you have and why? I have a blackberry 9900, because the work flow is fantastic, which makes sharing pictures of my kids with my family fast and easy and because I prefer the blackberry keyboards AND MOUSE to touch screens (having a mouse cursor on a small screen is genius!).
Thanks Tatwi!

The phone I am currently using is an HTC Trophy running WP7. A few years ago I used an iPhone 3G, then got frustrated with AT&T and got a Droid Incredible from Verizon. I liked android a lot more than the iPhone. I switched to WP7 because it was free for me from the company and I wanted to see how it compared to the competition. I consider the WP7 a good cross between iPhone and Android. It has the structure and vision of an iPhone but with more Android-like flexibility and better usability.

Still undecided what phone I will go with next. The HTC Windows Phone 8X is what I will likely get. Though I may want an Android so I could use the PS2 app. Apple hasn't innovated on the iphone much at all in the last few years and I find their user interface inefficient and obtrusive. Android allows you to customize that interface and the Windows interface is more fluid.
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