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The computer I play PS2 Beta on cost me about $500 a couple years ago. You can get a faster one today for the same money.

I get ~30-40 fps in big fights, 80+ out in the middle of nowhere.
All settings Low, 1920x1080 res, render quality at 75%, max field of view.

CPU: Phenom II X4 (fast enough for PS2)
GPU: HD 6850 (too slow IMO)
RAM: 8 GB (plenty)
Disks: Windows and PS2 are both installed on their own 64GB SSD.

Moving the PS2 install folder from a hard drive to a SSD reduced my load times from ~15 seconds to ~2 seconds, and reduced in-game stutter at certain times.

Changing render quality from 50% to 75% dropped my framerate by 1-2 fps. Moving it from 75% to 80% drops another ~5 fps, so I leave it at 75%.

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