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What will being "a good FPS player" mean in PlanetSide 2?

Hey all, this is my first post on PSU. I've been itching to make an account for a while, but Higby's latest post was the last step in convincing me to make an account to voice some questions that I have for PlanetSide 2.

"A good fps player playing light assault with minimal certs will always kick the shit out of a bad fps player playing light assault with a lot of certs."

Now I've played FPS games for quite a while. Well, I've played lots of shooters in general, starting with N64 shooters like Goldeneye, then moving onto games like the SOCOM series (granted that's a TPS but it's still kind of in the same boat), the Ghost Recon series, a little bit of CS:S, CoD 4, CoD: MW2, Black Ops, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142 (this game kicked ass but not many people like it ), TF2, and of course, PlanetSide.

I was a decent FPS player, but I never liked nor learned some of the goofy techniques like bunny hopping and dolphin diving (especially dolphin diving holy shit I hate dolphin diving). I knew how to reload cancel but when it really comes down to it, my success in an FPS was based on where I was and how good my aim was, not how much I dolphin dived and spun around like a ballet dancer on adrenaline.

Call me a scrub or casual all you want, but the thing I loved about the original PlanetSide was that there weren't many (if any at all) weird FPS techniques that you had to do to get on other people's level or to do your part in the fight. The worst that I can remember was the good old "Planetside vision" (as me and my friends call it no matter what game it is) where you use the third person camera to look around corners. The stamina system (combined with how small a jump was) made it so jumping around like the Easter bunny like you can do in other games was impossible in PlanetSide.

I know that it's been said that there won't be a prone position, so my question is basically: Will any twitch-shooter techniques such as dolphin diving, bunny hopping or quick-scoping or any of that nonsense be in PlanetSide 2?

I really don't it to be a game where after we roll tanks out, blow through the enemy lines outside a base, have an air cavalry division roll out and establish air superiority while cloakers sabotage enemy base defenses, etc etc., all this planning and strategy and such...!

We walk into their base: 30 Vanu dudes in purple jumpsuits are bunny hopping and dolphin diving and it looks like they're doing the Worm while shooting their Pulsars at us.

Or alternatively, if there's a tower with some snipers and they're pinning an outfit down, that battle should come down to whoever is a better shot, not the one who taps right and left mouse button to quick-scope, then mashes their prone key (I know there's not plans for prone in PS2 but for the sake of argument bear with me) and reloads after one bullet and does it again.

Don't mistake me for wanting a game that basically aims for you; things like leading your shots, trajectory, burst-firing, single-shotting at great distances, compensating for recoil, that stuff is awesome. But mashing Spacebar and Ctrl while playing an FPS until my keys develop sentience and file for a restraining order against me, that's just lame.
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