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Re: What will being "a good FPS player" mean in PlanetSide 2?

Originally Posted by EASyEightyEight View Post
ADADADADAD will always exist as long as there is no momentum in movement. If SOE incorporated even a quarter of a second slowdown/acceleration into drastically altered movement (and more accurate methods of position/movement prediction,) it would stop ADADADAD cold in it's tracks.
You've got the wrong idea of how warping works.

Originally Posted by Effective View Post
Here's how you fix warping. Planetside uses a form of clientside called extrapolation. Basically, walk forward for 5 seconds and stop. Bam, you just warped a little. You may not see it, and it may not be a lot. As your PC sends packets to the server, the server predicts where you're going to move to next. If you suddenly stop, the last packet before that received by the server will still have you moving forward, when the server receives the packet after you stopped, you'll warp back to that position. warping is just the server's inability to predict where your avatar should be at.

The solution? don't use extrapolation in PS2.

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