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Re: FPS Plummets In Battles

Well, first of all don't worry, we are all in this. Planetside 2 is a huge game that is referred to as a 'power hog'.
Simply put, big battles take away your FPS as your processor must know for every move, every shot fired and taken, every vehicle, revive, granade then all the character models, names, health... It's a lot.

Now this game is more CPU intensive than GPU intensive. Sadly I don't know a lot about AMD processors so I hope that it's enough. The GPU should be fine, but as always I recommend setting the shadows to LOW as I've tested the difference and it's really not that much. Now with the RAM I was too at 4GB at the start but I've upgraded so I can't say that going for at least 8 or more is a bad idea.
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