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Originally Posted by LegioX View Post
Yes. Lets do the obvious dumb ass thing and hit the American people with the biggest tax hike in history while the economy is shit. We have idiots running this country.
First of all, I'm not really sure it's really the 'biggest tax hike in history' because taxes are a bit more complicated than that. Who's paying the most? What brackets? When do we start? Where does the money go?

The beyond-useless War on Drugs has cost the country 20 billion dollars so far. (edit: THIS YEAR ALONE)

The War On Terror racks up something around a trillion every year. Even GOP doomsday-estimates of ObamaCare put it at racking up $1.6 trillion... in ten years.

In the meantime countrywide health care spending on the part of individuals (may) go down, meaning more money available for personal spending, meaning a stronger economy. Maybe. We don't know because it hasn't happened yet and frankly, even Nostradamus sucked at predicting the future.

If you listen for ten minutes to the circle-jerk of newsroom talking heads, you quickly learn that absolutely nobody has any idea what's gonna happen. If it turns into a giant failure (hello, War on Drugs) we can talk about it then. But saying "Well, that's it. They broke all of America" just obfuscates the conversation. Fox News doesn't want to inform you; they want ratings so they can charge premium rates for ad space and make money. Same with NBC and the rest of them; never forget that.

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