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We are the Galactic News Network

Our blog has been the unofficial news organization/lorekeeper/fanfiction center for games like MAG and Dust 514 for years and we are excited to see the castoffs from these games gearing up heavily and purposely mobilizing for PS2 for the PS4. With the demise of MAG and Dust they are understandably excited about a true MMOFPS on a next-gen system. Hopefully we will see many of you in that community as well. As always our blog will be there to record the victories, defeats, major events and tell the stories of Auraxis in the truest form possible.

we're always open to news leads and other info. [email protected]
We are the Galactic News Network. A collective effort that is your source for news and information in Auraxis & New Eden. Always open to news leads and player fiction.
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