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Re: "What are you listening to right now?" Thread


BiSH's NON TiE-UP is an orchestral progressive punk masterpiece (perfect 10/10) and the song of the decade!

BiSH is so well ahead of the alternative curve.

The song is an inspiration outburst.
Peerless fearless equip. An artistic smile.
I got nothing but killer congratulations and million thank yous(!)

Aina the End - The natural bandleader/choreographer ( artistic endeavor diva ). Of the Madonna school of Sing is not just performance but a full presentation.

Cent Chihiro - The focused singer/finisher. Of the Whitney Houston's school of Singing comes first and foremost (traditional j-pop voice).

Lingling - The silent assassin/subtle conductor. Has the best flow and excel at setting up other for finishers.

Momoko Gumi Company - The master of pranks. Uses a variety of quirky antics to liven up / fill in the gaps of the repertoire.

Ayuni Dynamite - The wild, sulky goth/grunge girl. (traditional j-rock voice).

Hashiyasume Atsuko - The refined vocalist. Lady Clark Kent, the unassuming, nondescript bespectacled BiSH secret weapon. (and she has a solo album coming out!)

Unfortunately, it will not even make Pitchfork's top 200 songs of 2010s.
They ought to just change their name to Office Insane Earplugs.

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