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HECU Ryonaris
TR:Miller - iron Eclipse [iECP]

We are
iron Eclipse [iECP] is a Terran Repulic (TR) outfit on Planetside 2 “Miller” server.

Server: Miller
Faction: TR
Language: Mixed (English is commanding language and required to understand)
Tag: iECP
iron Eclipse founded: 1999
iron Eclipse PS2 outfit founded: 2013-09-13

Who is iron Eclipse?
iron Eclipse is a mostly casual clan rolling since '99.
Focusing now on playing Planetside 2.

Brief description of the outfit
The iECP Outfit is organizing and leading open tactical platoons mostly in the daily evening hours.
When playing as platoon, iECP Member fill the platoon- and squadleader positions.
Strategical and tactical communications take place on teamspeak3 outfitserver.
The Platoon- and squadsay ingame voiceover are used to give instructions to the squads.

Outfit management:
The Outfit management (OM) is decoupled from the ingame Platoon management (PL/SL).
This makes the Outfit more active and capable of making decisions, without stopping
playing in the daily OTP. PL/SL consists of the iECP's Squadleader ranks.
They are responsible for the in game activity (OTP).


iron Eclipse aims for constant playing every day at minimum in platoon size.
This is done and organized by a good growing pool of effective squadleaders.
For being member of iECP we would expect of you to be online for at least 2 times a week in the evening hours.

iron Eclipse is rolling as OTP (Open Tactical Platoon) most of the time.
There are also internal events used for the training.

Why joining iron Eclipse?
- You like to play, when you want to play a week. (Not-event-driven)
- You want to be casual-active, but tactical and competitive as well.
- You like a mature environment with standing outfit management.
- You like a outfit which constantly develops on itselfs future.
- If you like to lead squads, here is your chance to do this organized. iECP supports Squadleader candidates.

What we expect of you:
- You like to have a chat on Teamspeak, but you respect radio discipline.
- You are 18+ and behave adult.
- You are able to use Teamspeak3
- You are 2 times a week online. (3-4 times as Squadleader).

Joining us:

You can join as Inititate in the Outfit very easy.
Read and confirm the Statutes
Here you stay as for 7-14 days. After that time of trial, we
decide if you are good to go as iron Eclipse Operator.
You as well have the chance to get an idea of the outfit.
After that trial you either will be promoted or released.

Requirements to become Operator:
- You have created profile in the “Non-Profiler” forum.
- Play in 3 iECP Platoons (OTP) as iECP Initiate
- You stayed at least 7 days in outfit as Initiate.
- You need the Votes of two iECP Outfit Commanders (OM)
- Report in Teamspeak3
- A final meeting with at least two iECP Outfit Commanders (OM) in a personal call. (Teamspeak)

How o join or contact us:

- Join Teamspeak3:
- Whisper ingame to a Squadleader in platoon or Ryonaris directly.
- Write a Profile directly in Recruiting Forum
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