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Re: The Issue of the 10%-20% Power Differentiation

I'm Going to vote "Power advancement is necessary in PlanetSide 2"
My reason behind this is as follows:
They want the game to be a MMO-FPS game, in which case they want people to get the end-game perks, which everyone can get, it's not like it's going to be hard to "level up" in the game, you get points for killing/taking points ect,
For example: look at Battlefield, Call of Duty ect,
You advantace though the ranks, and get given stronger addons to your weapons, do they make a huge differance to the game? no.
to me, there an incentive to level/play, to get the unlocks that i want, that my team want, 10% - 20% power damage doesn't seem that high sure it will make a differance, but its not like your going to be running around aimlessly, getting 1 shot because someone has an extra 10%-20% damage, as long as i have the option to spec into getting armor/head gear that neglects that end game damage, i dont see a problem,
Most of the time your given the option "Light armor" "heavy armor" anyway. and it only seems logical if they have a way to increase your damage, you have a way to increase your defenses too.
just my opinion.
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