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Re: The Issue of the 10%-20% Power Differentiation

I wouldn't exactly call it a crazy poll, its just discussion and its a very important aspect of PlanetSide 2 (one of the most important) that I feel the community hasn't really discussed en masse yet.

@Manitou - I think you misunderstood what Bags was saying. He wasn't advocating for veterans to be penalized or for bonuses to be given to new players, he was saying that veterans shouldn't have any additional benefits over new players other than the fact they have unlocked more options and know the maps/tactics/game better than the noobs.

@EASy - You're right, the difference in PS1 if we were to somehow calculate it from a BR1 to a BR20 or hell even a BR40 (nowadays) is probably more than 20%. The issue though, is what if a BR20, in addition to having more than 20% advantage due to options and versatility, now had ANOTHER 20% due to weapon upgrades for the SAME weapons that newbs can cert?

If PS2 followed PS1s model (as they stated they want to do), then a BR20 in PS2 would have a natural 20% advantage over a newb just because the BR20 can have more options and versatility, increasing his survivability without having to increase the stats of the options he does have.

The point that Bags is trying to make that since this is already skewing things in favor of veterans, why do we have to add the additional 20% from outfit specializations, weapon attachments, etc into that and skew it even further? I agree. Why?

PlanetSide doesn't need RPG elements to succeed. It needs to deliver what no other game has ever delivered: huge, massive-scale battles that completely blow the minds of FPS gamers across the world. PlanetSide 1 did this for the select few who played it but sadly it didn't work out. As I previously stated PlanetSide is an MMOFPS not an MMORPG, so why do we have to add unnecessary RPG elements to it? Sure, add as many MMO elements as you want, such as player interaction, etc, but MMO elements/game mechanics/features are far different than MMORPG game mechanics/elements/features.
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