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Re: The Issue of the 10%-20% Power Differentiation

You still don't get it. It's ALL part of that 20%. At it's very base, Planetside 2 will essentially be a matter of everyone has every cert currently found in PS1 right from the start. They'll be restricted to classes, and they may not have the customization options right away, but everyone may have access to every basic tool from day 1.

And on that note, since they're going to be balancing classes, now we're talking cross-tool balancing as well. A year of rifle training may in fact be a mere 4% of the players power increase, and a year's worth of med-tool attachments make up the other 4% of my previous 8% example. Maybe the outfit specializes in foot zerging, making weaponry overall better, but the squad leader prefers supportive play so med-apps get a slight buff in proximity to him. This combination may only take the individual up to a theoretical 17-18% power difference over a day 1 newb, with 10% going towards rifles and the remaining percentile towards the use of the medical application device.

Really... the biggest concern should be over day 1 newbs that prefer to fly solo vs. veterans that prefer to stay within outfit spawned squads. Frankly, those newbs should learn quick to find the proper outfit and squad to make up for the differences.

Keep in mind as well... the guy in the squad handing out the bonuses needs to focus on training those skills. One could be in a squad, but that doesn't mean anyone in the squad has leadership (in-game)skills/certs. I'm also willing to wager leadership skills won't be too horribly specific, like in my example above. I fully expect them to be more general, but we'll have to wait and see.
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