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Re: Confirmed: 9 Sanctuaries at launch.

Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
As Cutter put it so eloquently...

Foothold = Sanctuary + Warpgate - Loading Screen

This speeds up the pacing of the game and removes the crappiness that was continent locks. Not having this will lead to worse gameplay.
I don't know about speeding up the game. For placement at login, maybe. But only if it puts you on the continent with the actual battle you want to fight in. The time to travel, whether from one cont to another and then veh travel, or just veh travel from the foothold, will probably be equal to Hart/Broadcast Warpgates.

The continent lock system worked to focus the battles into large wars. Without it the later yrs and even now would see so many more 4v4 random fights all over.

This "everyone has a guaranteed land" concept does in fact lead to 3 subservers within the main. The server is basically just running 3 different matches that have NOTHING to do with one another. Something you do on Continent A will do nothing to help you on Continent B. I see most if not all tactical play and strategy being stripped away.

Holding out for beta, but more and more it's like someone developing an arena fighting game and slapping Double Dragon IV on it. Fighting game? Yes. Continuing the Double Dragon Franchise? No.
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