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Originally Posted by ItsTheSheppy View Post
As for your own personal experience: good for you. You were making wages near poverty level and happy. That's fine. But you don't get to tell other people that it's good for them because it's good for you.
Maybe if more people like him didn't think for some reason it's admirable to get paid dog shit and be happy about it, people doing that job wouldn't be getting paid dogshit.

It's so funny how some people talk in the US. I saw , where someone from his show talked to people in Mississippi -- an apparently very poor but also very conservative state -- and there were guys missing teeth and living in a heap of garbage talking about how they don't want health care to be affordable and how good it was back in the day when nobody had anything and they were proud of it.

The quote at the end there really summed up this line of thinking: "We would rather go broke and die hungry than give up our moral beliefs. I'm going to stand up for what I believe in even if I go broke doing it."

How noble. Except that what he believes in is apparently the right for him to die hungry and go broke. Getting paid a living wage for your work and being able to rest easy knowing you won't go broke if you get hurt or sick isn't some kind of insidious Commu-Nazi Socialist Muslim ideology that requires you to say you love Allah and hate freedom. Only in America is what amounts to the basic expectations of citizens seen as a dastardly plot to destroy their moral belief in dying young and in pain because they're poor and can't afford health care.
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