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Republicans have only 12% less of the <$100,000 income than Democrats. Democrats don't have the poor vote in any major sense. If they did, they'd never lose an election, as quite a large portion of the population is poor. But as the poor, toothless Mississippians who live in filth said, they'll keep voting Republican even though it doesn't do anything to benefit them because by God they have morals and they stand for something and maybe one day, who knows, maybe voting Republican will do something for them. And who'll be laughing then?

There'll always be poor, stupid people who'll vote Republican no matter what because they've been sold some bullshit about how Democrats are girls and even if your political part doesn't give a fuck about doing anything for you, you're a *** if you complain. So if you acknowledge that there are problems with America and vote Democrat because you don't think "more money for rich people" sounds like a good party line, that means you're a lesbian.

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Quoting or referencing Bill Mahar earns you an automatic douchebag stamp.
Ad hominem responses earn you an automatic douchebag stamp. I don't care what your opinion of Bill Maher is.

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