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I would just like to say that the original =C22= was exceptional because every member of the outfit played for the team. We didn't have members who were concerned about kill/death ratios or individual accolades. The original =C22= operated as a unselfish team. This team worked together to complete objectives that were both exciting and (more often) boring. We didn't invent generator room tactics, but certainly excelled at employing them. We didn't invent domino gen drops or lattices hacks, but we certainly became good at using the tactic. It's easy to use tactics when your members are more worried about the team than themselves.

I read posts across the board about team play and military tactics - well I can tell you that those are characteristics that embodied the original =C22= . In fact, many people don't even know my name and I was the original outfit commander. I had less kills after two years of playing than a noob with only a few months in game. I spent 75% of my game time huddled in a corner reading the tactical map and directing traffic via teamspeak. It was a great experience and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I don't think =C22= was the best outfit, there were so many good outfits that no one stood much above the other. We were just a creative outfit. We used our friendships with fellow TR outfits to organize massive operations. These were not zergs. They were massive ops coordinated among three or four different outfits each with a specific objective and goal. Some outfits had no other objective than to create a diversion by lighting up the EW's of non target facilities. But, we each played our part and the net result was fun. I look forward to seeing many of those outfits again in PS2.

I am looking forward to PS2 and I hope that it contains the high number of mature players found in PS1. I am not sure why I am writing this long post. I know that PS1 (before the multitude of bad game changes) was a great game because it attracted great players. I hope the same for PS2. Here's to seeing many old faces and meeting many new faces in PS2
- Cheers
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