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Re: So I was complaining to my friend that I didn't see any MMOFPS's

to op:
cycles post sums it up really good.

maybe you should also check some planetside 1 videos on youtube as well.
the graphics are really dated, but the epicness shows very good. and you can see what it´s all about. just replace the outdated graphics with the graphics of ps2 footage in your mind.

the best parts of planetside, that make it so different are those two:
massiveness and persistence! no rounds, no autoleveled 6vs6 matches, just one big ongoing war on big continents with thousands of players fighting all on the same map!

and meta game strategiies on top of that! it´s not about killing the enemy, it´s about taking bases and defending them at all costs. you can choose to just kill enemys, but the real fun comes from understanding the possibilities and doing missions that help your empire in the actual situation.
no other shooter had this level of strategy ever!
and you can totally choose to play the game in your very own playstyle! almost everything ispossible. dogfight flight simulator, vehicle combat game, rambo egoshooter, splintercell type stealth sneaking game, medic and engineer play and lots more!
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