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Originally Posted by Firearms View Post
Send up your flying monkeys? Surely that's the same argument as the medic whining he can't splode a tank...?
AA not being able to take down aircrafts is the same as medic not being able to take out tanks? Yea, that makes sence...

Aircav is not always around, even if it is, it may not notice the bomber way up there (they are busy finding targets on the ground level afterall).

Originally Posted by GreatMazinkaise View Post
If they're really bombing from all the way up there they shouldn't be getting many kills; the drop time is long enough to get out of the way. Effective Lib bombers fly nap of the earth.
Since they don't drop bombs anymore, the projectile speed is much faster now.
If a bomber stops above a vehicle pad for example, he can get any number of kills before an aircav finally comes around.

Originally Posted by Nasher View Post
The tiny "warzone" in the E3 demo was temporary, but the one over the coastline wasn't. I really hope they do as they say and move it much further out. Stuff like that has no place in an open world game :/
I saw it last time in Hamma's video, that was way past E3 and actually SOE's own inside version of the game. The warning went up in the middle of the desert. It has nothing to do with map edges.
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