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Re: So I was complaining to my friend that I didn't see any MMOFPS's

Originally Posted by TR Oakley View Post
Persistant world where the battle never ends. You fight over territory, not rounds. There is emphasis on teamplay, lonewolfing will get you killed.
You can drive tanks, quadbikes, aircrafts, transport vehicles. One dropship can contain enough people to fill a normal FPS team. There is 2000 people per continent per server. One continent is 8x8km in size.

Forgelight. The night combat is so dark you actually need that night vision for a change.
And the tracerfire will make you squirt your pants.

Customization. There is all kinds of mods for every weapon in the game, and all kinds of secondary equipment to choose from as well. All weapons and armor can be decorated with camoflage in all colours.

You will fight for pride and glory for your faction, not your k/d ratio. You will experience hatred for the other side like you've never felt before. When you win back something you want to push it in their faces and rub it around. You won't know epic scale fighting until you've been in the heat of action in Planetside 2.
Now, that's my kind of game right there!
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