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Re: Cont Lock finally?

11am Central and Mattherson is completely dead....

Not one hotspot for my empire when I logged in...

This game is dying, and in my most HUMBLE opinion, it is mainly because of the development mindset exhibited in this very thread. This game was supposed to be special. Nay, it had to be special. We all knew that. Ten years ago this franchise was absolutely revolutionary and ahead of it's time. That's why I was putting my money on Planetside instead of the plethora of other shooters that were out at the time.

We poured thousands of hours, and thousands of dollars into this franchise because we knew it was special. Now it's gasping for breath and it might just be time to put the poor horse down for good and wait for the next special thing to show up.

Edit to show that I have posted threads with constructive criticism

Most of these ideas I would bet, can be agreed upon by people who understand this game. Instead of getting any of this, we got implants that can be monetized. Surprise surprise.

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