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Re: Cont Lock finally?

Originally Posted by Illtempered View Post
it might just be time to put the poor horse down for good and wait for the next special thing to show up.
And what will that be? Battlefield Hardlines? (vomits in mouth)

Bottom line is in the world of FPS war games PS2 is still revolutionary on scale and scope and there is nothing else out there that can even touch it in that department point blank.

No one else is even stretching past 64 players in FPS's on the PC or shared any plans to.

Been playing video games since Pong in 1978 and there are very few titles out there that even remotely perk my interest as something new or interesting.

Like it or not PS2 is still revolutionary in it's current state but SOE could have done more to set it apart for sure. Then the H1Z1 announcement..ugh..

E3 is next week...they better show us something good...
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