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Re: Planetside Nostalgia: First Outfits

Planetside 1 -> Emerald -> "The Elites" (NC)

We were a highly skilled group of players, with little command structure but usually consisting of random pro-level players.

Typically when our outfit decided to show up to an area, that base or tower fell within a few short minutes. 1 or 2 "Elites" members were usually worth about 10-12 normal players.

It was a pretty fun outfit to have around 20 of us showing up at a base and toppling it like a professional wrecking crew.

Like I said, no 'real' organization, but more like "The Expendables" in terms of skill and destructive power in all weapons, vehicles and character classes.

^ Typically me with the Jackhammer, grenades and a shotgun secondary
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