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1) A Heavy Exosuit, having durability somewhat above that of Reinforced (possibly 250 armor), but without the damage modifier of MAX armor (ex. you don't need AP ammo/AV weapons to fight it). It would only have one pistol slot, the same amount of inventory space as Reinforced, and it would look bulkier than Reinforced. This is just a random "Wouldn't this be cool?" idea though. It wouldn't add much to the game, I just want to see armor similar to Powered Armor, like WH40k had for example.

2) Empire Specific Equipment -- All Empire Specific Equipment will require its own Certification, or it could be tied to BR, or both (require you to be BR20 and spend 2 certs on it, for instance). All of the equipment will occupy a rifle slot, so there's a tradeoff to using it.

Terrans: Some kind of autoloader which eliminates the necessity of a clip. All ammo is drawn directly from the inventory, completely negating the need to reload.

Vanu: Jump jets. Screw all you "this isn't Tribes!" people. Tribes didn't invent jump jets. I think it would be cool if you could get a certification for Jump Jets, and had to equip the Jump Jet similar to how you equip a rifle. It would require "ammo" to jump with, so you'd have to carry some fuel for it depending on how much jumping you want to be capable of. The actual Jump would be simply an increased form of the regular jump, similar to what Vanu MAXs can do. So, it takes a rifle slot (activate with a quickbar icon and your next jump will be made with the Jump Jet), let's you jump similar to the Vanu MAX, and takes actual fuel. Alternatively, instead of fuel charges, it could just have a long recharge time.

New Cong: Personal Shield similar to their MAXs, can't absorb as much damage, maybe only covers the front 90 degrees.

3) Crew-served weapons. I always thought it would be neat if there were vehicles and infantry weapons which required multiple people to operate, and were stationary while being used, but packed a hell of a punch.

For example, some sort of self propelled gun -- specific to each side -- which has to be deployed like an AMS before it can fire, and has a limited fire arc while deployed (and is somewhat fragile), but can unleash hell like nothing else. Useful for surpressing an enemy position if you've got them pretty much pinned down to the point where they can't kill off these vehicles before they deploy. Would also be cool for defensive positions and ambushes. Note that these would be vulnerable to bombers too, given that they need to be stationary to fire.

With the infantry weapons, a deployable chaingun would be nice. Maybe a single, 30mm chaingun. To borrow an idea from TF2, the weapon could be setup by a single person and used, but it would fire more slowly and take longer to reload when used by one person. A second person can act as the loader/support person though, which greatly increases the weapon's rate of fire and reload rate. Again, it needs to be deployed to use (must be stationary), has a somewhat limited field of fire, but is very good for defense, offensive surpression, and ambushes. Oh, also, there'd have to be some kind of personal shield that this weapon erects to ward off enemy snipers. Being a sniper myself, it would be impossible to have these weapons in the game without sniper protection. They simply would not be able to survive. So maybe have sniper bolts do less damage to them, or no damage, or can only do damage if they hit the people manning the weapon in the back 90 degrees (thus rewarding the pioneering sniper who manages to go behind the lines).
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