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3) Crew-served weapons. I always thought it would be neat if there were vehicles and infantry weapons which required multiple people to operate, and were stationary while being used, but packed a hell of a punch.

For example, some sort of self propelled gun -- specific to each side -- which has to be deployed like an AMS before it can fire, and has a limited fire arc while deployed (and is somewhat fragile), but can unleash hell like nothing else. Useful for surpressing an enemy position if you've got them pretty much pinned down to the point where they can't kill off these vehicles before they deploy. Would also be cool for defensive positions and ambushes. Note that these would be vulnerable to bombers too, given that they need to be stationary to fire.
Oh man this is one of the best ideas i've heard. As long as it doesnt turn into extremely viable artillery. I could picture the NC with some sort of howitzer. Maybe 175mm cannon. Slow firing limited arc and limited lateral movement.... when aiming.
The TR would definitely need either a fast firing rocklet gun with like a 40 orcket clip... something like the reaver rockets, but full auto and a little less punch on a per hit basis. The splash would be weak against infantry. The weapon could be semi-affective against hard and soft targets alike. -OR- some kind of 30mm machine gun that would be very effective versus infantry, but not so good versus vehicles. Again the weapon would need very limited lateral movement when aiming.The VS... well maybe some sort of floating laser cannon with a fan on the back. I really dont know what the VS could have
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