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Originally posted by BlakkyZ8
Oh man this is one of the best ideas i've heard. As long as it doesnt turn into extremely viable artillery. I could picture the NC with some sort of howitzer. Maybe 175mm cannon. Slow firing limited arc and limited lateral movement.... when aiming.
The TR would definitely need either a fast firing rocklet gun with like a 40 orcket clip... something like the reaver rockets, but full auto and a little less punch on a per hit basis. The splash would be weak against infantry. The weapon could be semi-affective against hard and soft targets alike. -OR- some kind of 30mm machine gun that would be very effective versus infantry, but not so good versus vehicles. Again the weapon would need very limited lateral movement when aiming.The VS... well maybe some sort of floating laser cannon with a fan on the back. I really dont know what the VS could have
The idea was that the projectiles would actually have no fire arc. They may have an area of effect though (perhaps the NC and Vanu would fire a single, tremendous explosive round), although I think it would be cool if the TR had a big 100mm chaingun that spat out a couple dozen of rounds which could really tear things up in a fair area, in order to hopefully compensate for the lack of a singular explosive round. I dunno though, they're just ideas. I suspect all of these ideas could be made workable by a dev honestly trying to work out the kinks and talking it through with a bunch of other devs to get their angle on it, but that's asking a bit much.

But, just to better explain, the self-propelled guns were intended, as I said, to be an "oh shit" sort of offensive weapon that would judge whether the enemies really can hold the base or not. It would also be cool for holding bridges or passes -- you know, really digging in. Hell, even a few setup inside a base would be a help. In general, it would be a lot of fun to use, and that would eclipse the fact that they're not as useful as they are powerful. Which is to say, they're useful, but if all went well, they wouldn't be too useful. It would also give Liberators a prime target, given that the self-propelled guns need to be deployed to be actually fired.

Either way, I think a "really, really big gun" would be awesome. And I'd love to see some crazy looking hover particle beam cannon that Vanu would use. That would be too cool. But, yeah, as I said, just ideas.
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