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Here's my idea for empire-specific artillery, it goes with the idea that tr uses alot of firepower, nc uses powerful firepower and vs use advanced guns.

These things are kinda like superweapons though, so they probably should be limited to high battleranked or command ranked people.

Terran Artillery: fires tonnes of large shells into a specific area, the gunner has a map that shows where the gun can fire and clicks on the map to fire. the artillery fires normal shells continuously and they completley carpet an area, probably best used to hold the enemy back. the gunner can decide between anti infantry, anti armor or anti air shells that explode in the air instead of on the ground.

NC Missle: A large missle is launched which goes straight up and the gunner has a map so he can decide where it hits when it comes back down, but he can zoom in on the map so he can target what he wants to kill more accuratley. The missle will hit roughly on where the gunner targeted it and it causes alot of damage, the missle has a long reload time and can be c=shot down by AA max's but if you hit a enemy squad with a missle, they're f*cked. The missle's blast is about big enough to cover a tower. The missle takes a while to get there, at the last few moments, the gunner can controll the missle himself and see through a camera on the tip.

VS Cannon: Lanuches a large sattelite like thing launches up until it can barley be seen on the ground and floats there, the gunner has 5 or so shots from its large lazer gun, the lazer doesn't make a big explosion or anything, but its probably the most accurate thing over that kind of distance in the game. Each blast can kill one or two guys. The gunner sees from the cannons view, a cammera that zooms really far. After the gun's done, the cannon sattelite thing just falls to the ground dead and eventually dissapears. The launch veicle only holds one of these things and goes to the rearm pad think that they're going to put into the bases and it geta reloaded. It wont work in a base to prevent someone from shooting these things over and over on the rearm pad. This cannon works as a weapon and a good way to see troops comeing since it can see soo far.

Ok, im done

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