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Since there are orbital strikes, how about a huge artillery gun in the sanctuary like what protst said, the paris gun.

In the interlink facility there would be a destructible console that people cr1 and above can use to fire the gun, the shell would travel from the sanctuary to the continent and the location it's targeted at. These shells are huge, but take a while to get there and cannot be fired inside the walls of bases or towers so the person commanding the cannon have to guess where the enemies are by the time the shell hits. The farther the continent is from the sanctuary, the longter the shell takes to get there. The cannon does not need outfit points or anything. These cannons also show up in locked continents, so there would be 2 shells (one from the locked continent, one from the sanct) that would hit. when a continent lock is broken, the cannon packs up and a huge transport takes it away. when there is a santuary stike, the cannon is shut down and comes back to life when the strikes over.

This will also be a nice thing to see from the sanct, the cannons huge and is in the very centre of the island and shakes up people who are nearby when it fires. I think something like this in the sanctuary could help make it seem theres always something happening since everytime this gun fires, its because a player ordered it to. The idea i had for empire specific artillery could also work with this.

Tr Cannon: Artillery cannon that works like i explained.

Nc Missle: Takes a big longer but packs more punch. A group of missle silos that fire missles straight up and come back down where they're told to.

Vs Lazer: shoots big lazer into the sky to the orbital platform and comes back down very quickly and accuratley, but is slightly weaker.

It would also be nice to have npc ships, trucks and stuff moving around and between the bases in the sanctuary to make it look like theres more going on than there already is.

those are my thoughts
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