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Re: A possible way to revitalize Planetside's player base?

I just came back to PS after about 3 years break.

Its not the massive battles I remember, but I still feel satisfied by the large battles in prime time. It seems like we still get to at least the 50 spots left mark, I think the lowest I have seen it since I have been back is at 19 spots left.

I must say alot has changed since I left, the new turrets and vehicles are nice, and the new sundy! That thing is a beast and finally actually useful!

I hear there are hacks now and that kind of bothers me but I have yet to have one used against me, or if it was I didnt notice and must not have felt it was unfair.

So far from my experience over the last few days I am happy with the resub and will continue to play. The one thing that makes me the saddest is that I had to use some random account I had made with a BR14 on it because my Br20 Cr5 is banned...Apparently going on a global rant about BFRs and then yelling at another CR5 over global all while using profanity freely isnt allowed, who knew huh?
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