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I just wanted to say that I appreciate how PS1 Feels

For some reason, I felt compelled to say that I have a great appreciation for how some things "feel" in Planetside. Like running/jumping, driving, manning a turret, using a turret while driving, using a scope, and even the visual feedback when doing things like repairing and healing.

I came to Planetside after playing Star Wars Galaxies, WoW, Aion, and Everquest II as my primary games since 2002. However, I always preferred FPS combat, which traditional MMOs just did not have. I played a lot of Quake/UT/Counter-Strike/Half-Life before I got into MMOs in 2002 and when I stepped into Planetside last year, it all just felt "normal". The flying was not as nice as Star Wars Galaxies', so I didn't really bother with it much, but the driving and using a tank were exactly what I expected.

I never played any of those Battlefield or Call of Duty games, apart from a couple minutes at a LAN on someone else's computer. They just never interested me. However, recently I tried one them out (original battlefield 1942) to kill some time. It seems that those games have a totally different control scheme than what I am used to. I suppose that's fine and all, different strokes for different folks, but it felt a heck of a lot more clunky, slow, and unintuitive.

So with that in mind, I felt I would give a shout out to Planetside 1 and it's "natural feeling" control systems. Credit where credit is due.

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