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Leap Jets

This is a suggestion to allow for these jets to be implemented without being broken; The idea may be old hat, but I've never heard this option discussed before.

I know this has probably been suggested a ton, but the idea of "leap-jets" that shoot you at a 45 degree angle up and forward would be pretty sweet. Though I've heard arguments against it that, much like Icarus Jets, it would mess up hitboxes. I assume this is because the server doesn't have time to predict the movement of the player; which is why I thought of this idea.

Perhaps if an ability like this could only be bound to another key, such as F (NOT the jump button), the server could prepare for it. By pressing the ability button, the player would first jump, during which time the server could calculate the movement provided by the leap/icarus jets, then the jets would activate and the player would be launched into the air in whichever direction (straight up or 45 degrees) their jets launch them.

I feel like this not only makes the abilities less instantaneous and somewhat more predictable (for example, if you see an LA just decide to jump up in the middle of your fight, you can have an idea that he's about to shoot off either up or over you), but it prevents the proverbial hitbox problem caused by the Icarus Jets back when they were still in the game.

Personally I've never thought the ability to sound overpowered so long as no bugs occur that make it so, such as this hitbox problem, and if something like this could iron it out, I think that would be awesome.

I'd like to point out that I'm no expert on servers and code and all that technical stuff. I've just heard that the inability for the server to predict the instantaneous movement is a problem, so I figured, let the ability give the server time to predict it. I'd love the option for this playstyle change for LA.
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