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I've had this same idea for LA's since I first started playing the game. After watching the game trailer where the LA is using his jets very offensively I was very disappointed that you couldn't execute the same maneuvers in-game. I 100% support this concept, would definitely add a much needed gap closer for the LA class.

Alternatively, they could just add more horizontal acceleration to drifters instead of implementing a new jetpack altogether. If you could use drifters to rush doorways or close gaps like, I assume, you're supposed to be able to, that would be wild!

I assume that a jetpack that gives you a burst of speed like you suggest would have the potential to slam you into walls, similar to ejecting out of an ESF and hitting the side of a wall. I don't know if that would be a desired effect for the jets. ie should LA's use them cautiously or use them haphazardly?

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