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Originally Posted by Hamma View Post

We use a private streaming server for the feeds so I'm not utilizing Twitch to get the commentator feeds (or future FPS feeds). I have 2x observer cams remote (Noxx and Deringer) and 2x live observer cams via capture card. I cannot delay their audio without causing issues on the live feeds. So unfortunately dealing with a 3 second or so delay is our only option without having everyone in the same room.

No matter how we handle it we are going to be stuck with some delay somewhere unfortunately.
So, in other words, there're 2 cams feeding video directly and two delayed cams?

I have a few questions than:
Is it possible to launch 2 studio cams through a proxy, creating the same delay on the studio cams?
Is it possible to delay audio-only in your studio?

Technically what I propose is - syncing all 4 cameras and delaying the studio audiofeed while NOT delaying the videofeed.

The only problem I see you encountering is that your faces will be out of sync when talking, but as I said before there's no need to sahow your webcams during the battle, and during non-battle time you can remove the delay from the audio. It will take you exactly around 3 seconds to say: I'm now removing the delay, removing the phrase with the removal of the delay.

Also, why won't you try and use twitch, at least not during live? As far as I know you can have private streams in there.

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