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Re: Consolidated Community Clash Feedback Thread

I stopped watching last TXR/MERC vs NNG/TGWW episode after 40 minutes: Unless you guys fix the squad colour coding (as suggested by Malorn and me), these clashes are just an impossible mess to keep track of with all that admin cam switching.

Also, if you would have checked last MLG's War Report then you would have known that there is a nice little trick to circumvent the bugged Nexus map and make the lattice and empire colours visible on the map: Switch map towards another continent and then switch back to Nexus. Import trick because without an overview about what's going on, these clashes don't make much sense from a viewers perspective.

As a minor side note: The Community Clash Battlefield-like logo doesn't make any sense. Either make it more Planetside 2 like or, if you are intending to cover other games as well, make it more universal.

Edit: Some of the casters actually used the map trick further down the episode.

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