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[Cobalt][VS] New to Planetside 2 but eager to learn!


I found out about PS2 a couple of days ago and have been enjoying it a lot. Only problem is that none of my friends play it, and fun isn't maxed in this kind of a game while playing solo. So that's why I came here to search some mates.

I'm a 20-year-old student from Finland who studies engineering and is a dance teacher, but who likes to game in the evening on a daily basis. I've been gaming many years and I play SSF4 competitively, but also a bit more casually SWTOR plus some single player games. I like scifi + anything in which strategic thinking is possible + fps games + mmos + nice graphics and sounds so these all kind of equals PS2, right?

Important outfit qualities:
- mature
- relaxed and having fun
- active
- open for new players
(- organized is a plus)

Some useful info about me:
- been playing only heavy assault so far
- f2p, but if it's useful enough, no problem to pay
- able to play about a couple of hours a day
- finnish but fluent english (hopefully, heh)
- playing on high/ultra mix
- headset with mic

I'm excited about this, so contact me and let's get some great sessions going!

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