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Creating new outfit (TR)


As the title suggests, i'm looking to create an outfit. Well not completely from scratch as my clan [-B^3-] is a battlefield bad company2 clan and a few of us were talking about how we used to play planetside. So, we decided to fire up our accounts and start playing again. We would like to create an outfit in planetside for our clan rather than join one but only about 7 of us so far fired up our accounts. While there are 3-4 guys contemplating signing up for the first time. With that said, I'm lookig for a good 7 or so people (just incase I can't get all my clannies on at once) to help start us off. You're more than welcome to stay, especially if you also play BFBC2. We do have a voice coms. Add layzie77 to either steam friends or ingame if you're interested.

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