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Re: What would you like to see?

I get put off using ps-universe by the forum software. Generally hate vBulletin.

The input boxes for posting as old and nasty. You *have* to use BB code, there is no WYSIWYG-like option that hides the BB code. It doesn't provide previews. I can't use shortcuts. No auto save. No tags.

If I'm doing a long post vBulletin has a habit of logging me out before I have completed (haven't done any on this particular forum but in general).

From a user perspective the best forum software that I have ever use is IP Board. It provides everything that I have listed above and a bit more.

Using IP Boards so extensively when discussing the last game I was seriously in to (GW2) I find it hard to go back to using vBulletin. I'd rather use Reddit.

The site I spent a lot of time on was:
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