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TMAT Weemos
(Emerald) TMAT Active Recruitment

TMAT (Terran Republic Mobile Assault Team) Emerald


Summary of Outfit:
TMAT is a tactical QRF and Reconnaissance group that runs coordinated fireteams and platoons to reinforce larger forces directly and to support friendly forces by altering the map to our favor. TMAT acts as the primary force in coordinating and running faction-wide tactics. You must be able to follow orders, and voice comms are highly recommended. We run operations 4 days out of the week as well as casual squads throughout the week.

We actively have members on for the week and we are looking for new members, if you still want to play with your friends on Planetside 2, bring them too. We are always open to new members who want to work together.
We also take part in the community smashes on Emerald Server and I am the Representative of my outfit.

There are certain rules in place once you come on our Discord which can be found in the rules and regulations, and will be announced during the first training session.

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