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A lot of the time I think the majority of people don't see each empire for what it really is, and how they are truly different yet balanced ... in background and in equipment (if they weren't balanced, the devs would have to pay the price of failing in a major area of the game, which they wont allow to happen).

I will agree with you that the NC and TR are similar for the fact that they both use traditional weapons. Yet I dont see why that makes only one of them useless.

I would say that the NC are ballistics people, using severe force with the most powerful weaponry. TR are also use said ballistics, but in your words they would be those with the "lead" (as in rate of fire). The difference in armor between NC and TR is negligable (NC MAX > TR MAX, TR Tank > NC Tank) so it won't play such a large factor in this description. They are equally worthy each with their own specialities.

I think a lot of people have misinterpretted the difference in weaponry that each empire holds. I'll just do a quick run down because I'm bored

TR Repeater, Damage Med, Range Med, Refire, Fast
NC Scatter, Damage High, Range Short, Refire Fast
In this case, in doors the Scatter would come out tops, for who needs range on a pistol. Otherwise the NC could use the common pool amp with its Med,Med,V.Fast stats and they would not be at a range disadvantage to the TR

TR Cycler, Damage Med, Range Long, Refire V.Fast
NC Gauss, Damage High, Range Long, Refire Fast
Neither weapon is at a disadvantage, like shooting long range needing only a few shots to kill, go NC ... like spraying and praying go TR

Heavy Assaults:
TR Chaingun, Damage Med, Range Med, Refire V.Fast
NC Jackhammer, Damage High, Range Med, Refire Medium
Again, neither weapon has a range disadvantage and if they met head on ... the only decider would be who reacted faster (remembering that the Jackhammer may unload all barrels at once).

In any case, only the short range on the NC pistol has fooled people into thinking that the NC can only kill in small spaces. Whereas I see both TR and NC as equals and can't understand the half of it They are different, special in their own ways and still equal ... plus Vanu also have their good points. I dont think any assumptions can be made about one side having already lost the war

I know I just posted a lot of nothing, dont you worry
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