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amen loop.

I think you're going to get people that are angry for the most part because they can't use surge with weapons in scenarios like this:

You hope off a base wall and see 3 guys a ways down the wall running. You're equipped with only an MCG. What do you do now? No surge so you won't catch em.

You're creaping up on snipers, and you want to close the gap quicker, but an enemy knows where you are and is shooting at you. It's gonna take a lot longer time now, and you can't return fire.

You're trying to avoid enemy fire and still return some. Can't do it as easily now.

Surge has many practical uses that don't involve warping, but do involve having your weapon out. This was not the way to fix it. If anything at least allow people to carry any weapon aside from HA while surging. I dunno, but it seems like they are jipping people of an implant that has many good, tactical uses other than warping.
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