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Originally Posted by infinite loop
I'm a bit confused why you are mixing the speedstepping issue with warping. They are mutually exclusive. If they are saying that the cause of warping is due to some fundamentally flawed code in the engine/framework, and it isn't cost-effective to fix it, then fine, I wish they'd just admit that. Instead, they're saying some nonsense about offensive combat with surge not being an intended form of gameplay that they designed. They don't even mention warping, and they're just trying to cover it up. If it's fixable, then fix it! Why is that so difficult to understand?
I agree that speedstepping and warping are totally unrelated, though they do manifest the same symptoms.

The Devs did not want the fast "boom boom dead" feel of the other FPSes because that doesn't encourage serious teamwork and takes away from the tactical feel. That is the general premise of PS: Teamwork. Using a group of people with different roles to accomplish the same objective, not "one guy does everything"

Originally Posted by Infinite Loop
My satire was used because you're suggesting that all surgilers bunny hop to induce warping. That's just plain ignorant, as a huge percentage of people I play with as NC use surgile, but I rarely see anyone warp. Again, using surgile does not necessitate bunny hopping.
Much like warping does not necessitate jumping. If you don't see anyone warp, congratulations. What about the fair number of people who DO have this problem? They don't deserve a solution? They're paying just as much as you are.

Originally Posted by Infinite Loop
It's this negative attitude towards players leaving that gets me. Don't you think having more subscriptions is a good thing? Or only subscriptions of people who use a playstyle that you approve of? Oh and the NC are most definitely receiving a nerf, big time. The range issue and imbalance of the JH will come to light after this next patch. And your surging argument is complete and utter nonsense. While I'm surging up to the enemy position, I'm more than likely to be taking damage while not dishing any out myself. That would equal me losing that battle.
Subscriptions are a good thing, but the Surge issue could just as easily have cost PS as many subscriptions from people who were looking for something other than Quake and discovered the Surge bugs or people who got fed up with the bugs and left as this change will. Maybe not. Fact is that you don't know. Please refrain from acting like you do.

I also believe that Surgile are the reason the JH has been nerfed to uselessness outside of point-blank. Maybe after they have "gotten rid" of that style, the Devs will be able to see the numbers proving it. If that is the case, I'm going to have to laugh my ass off that Surgiles shot themselves in the foot by inflating the numbers.

Originally Posted by Infinite Loop
Whether or not they wanted the twitch gamers to play or not, they got them, and now they're basically trying to get rid of them. Sometimes I like the fast surgile play, other times I prefer to tank around in my rexo. It's the variety that keeps it fresh and on your toes.
They're not trying to get rid of them, they're saying "This is a different game, the same tricks don't work." If the Surgile chooses to leave, that's their choice (though I feel it is a very immature one, that's opinion). As you yourself point out, there are a variety of equally fun playstyles that have nothing to do with Surge.

Originally Posted by Infinite Loop
I'm not defending warping. I am defending a playstyle.
As is your right. However, the playstyle is not being done away with, simply modified. You have exactly zero concrete data on how this will affect things. As I mentioned to Queensidecastle, until the patch is on the Test Server, please hold your opinions on what the effects will be to yourself, the community has gone round and round on this enough.

Originally Posted by Infinite Loop
Exactly what statistics are available to back up this statement? How do you know that a majority of the playerbase is behind this change? How do you know that only a handful of players are going to be affected? I think you're going to be surprised, and not in a good way, how detrimental this change is going to be to the long-term health of PS.
The fact that the boards are pretty evenly divided says the majority of the playerbase supports it. Why does that work that way? Because if someone told you that anyone who had loop in their name was going to be banned, you can be damned sure everyone with "loop" in their name is going to be on the boards protesting. Those in favor would have a smaller percentage voicing their support, as theirs is the side being served. Hence, if you have 80% of the surgiles, and 50% of the rest of the player base, that would equate to a majority supporting the change. Are these solid statistics? No...but then again you have none either.

As far as it being a bad long-term desicion, refer to above. For all you know, there could be next to no effect other than to make things even...and if that kills off Surgile, that kind of tells me that it wasn't that viable of a playstyle to begin with.
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