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Originally Posted by oddfish
okay, here's the problem. the futuristic addition of the HART concept is part of the sci-fi space based concept of the game. no blood because having to render blood and what not might have been to hard to code or some junk. spawning is crucial to the game because that's how it works. but the aiming and shooting are based on REAL LIFE PHYSICS.. the HART and Respawn are NOT based on real life physics. if you base something in real life then it should always maintain it's real life characteristics. I can't even believe you'd compare the surgile+shooting flaw to the existence of the HART and respawning and lack of blood. that's so stupid. the aiming code in this game is based upon a realistic concept of shooting a firearm. SO, if i run and gun, no matter how fast, i should be ubelieveably inaccurate, and at close to 30mph i shouldn't be able to hit shit. that's the realism of the aiming concept. you're argument makes little to no sense as a comparison.
Just as an FYI, the blood was left out due to ESRB concerns and SOE wanting the game to receive the Teen rating instead of Mature....apparently, killing people = OK!...Killing people with blood = BAD!

Just another illustration of lazy parents ruining everything...if you don't want your kids to play violent video games, then don't just let them sit at the computer all day without being watched. Getting tired of things being left out because Little Johnnie might be he isn't going to be already with such repressed parents.
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