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Planetside does Gumball Rally

Well, today on Werner we had our first evar Gumball Rally. Went very well, apart from when we crashed the server because too many people went thru a WarpGate at the same time...
I took a few shots, and made a few short film clips, which I put together and will be putting on PSMovies asap. expect that here soon.

I got loads of kills with mines (I was one of the few raiders - I believe I was the most successfull too) and got lots of tells from people impressed by my ability to predict where people were going. Threshers & Basilisks were my prime targets, and I mustve got at least 8 of each.

Oh, and the movie is VERY lo-fi And the editing is supercheap, as I did it all in Windows Movie Maker ( ) So if anyone wants to tell me how to do it a million times better, Im willing to hear all about it.

EDIT: A taster of what's to come.

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