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Well, I know that the marauder & Thresher were most used, and not that many Enforcers. 3 or 4 Sunderers (you got points for how many people were in your vehicles, as well as how fast it was). I saw at least 2 Switchblades (oddly enough, not the fastest), and many other ATVs. The support crews were amazing though, so many Lodes & Galsflying around behind everyone. Least used though? Prowler maybe. There were two ambushing the others with myself, but apart from that there was only one I think. There were also a fair number of lightnings, but not as many as the Threshers etc.

The threshers & ATVs wouldve won it easily if it wasn't for the hundreds of mines over the 4/5 conts!

My activation key for PSMovies never came through.. I'll try again, unless anyone else knows anywhere that does movie uploads? (its only 886kb n all! Yes, it really is super shitty quality.)

Some TR official reminded everyone of the rules, and managed to say "You can't shoot anyone, unless you're a Raider..." so all the raiders thought they were free to shoot (the vehicles that is, saboteurs were welcome) the others. Whoopsie!
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