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Re: "But that wouldnt be Planetside any more..."

I think when people say "that wouldn't be Planetside" it could also mean that something doesn't feel right and they are having trouble articulating exactly what that is. It doens't necessarily mean the person is incapable of thinking about PS in a new light.

There are certain things that make "planetside" feel the way it does. Lots of things can change, but if certain things change then...well, it doesn't feel like Planetside anymore. That could be good or bad, but we should explore what exactly isn't wrong and understand the difference and the tradeoff.

To give an example, if they changed it such that I couldn't squad with my BR1 buddy, then...that wouldn't be Planetside

The underlying concept I'm trying to convey is that one of the great things about PS is that my newbie buddy could just jump right in the game and join in with a longtime vet on whatever they were doing without a hitch. But poor articulation of that might just end up coming out as "it wouldn't be planetside". Its not something I would want to see changed.

That said I would prefer people articulate what exactly is wrong with something rather than being vague and saying it isn't planetside. I'm sure they have a point to make and a reason but the community will have a hard time understanding that without explaining why.
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