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Re: "But that wouldnt be Planetside any more..."

Originally Posted by artifice View Post
As people above said, first person shooters have made major advances over the years. I don't want to play a reskinned eight year old game.
I think this is exactly where the "It's not Planetsde" argument comes from.

Planetside is undoubtedly a pioneer in it's genre. As a community I think we can agree that we want the game to have the same feel, because the core of the game is an incredible idea, and even with all of the problems the first game had we still loved the hell out of it.

If you continue to change things that made the original so much fun, people aren't going to have that "Planetside" feel anymore, which is going to be no bueno.

You can advance Planetside without changing the aspects that made the game what it was.
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