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Re: "But that wouldnt be Planetside any more..."

Originally Posted by Vancha View Post
I agree this excuse is perhaps being overused as people struggle to come to terms with how different PS2 will be, but at the same time I think it's meaning is quite obvious.

Planetside 2 was not a realistic shooter. It was too far in the UT/Quake/Tribes direction to be in BF or CoD territory. At the same time, it was too slow and too tactical to be in UT and Quake territory either. In occupied a middle ground that was largely unique to FPS games (and still is).

I wholeheartedly accept that Planetside 2 will be very different to it's predecessor, but at the same time I can understand that when people say "But that wouldn't be Planetside", it's probably to do with PS2 becoming a "type" of shooter instead of holding that unique hybridization that Planetside had.
yea planetside i think today the closet types of games are TF2 and halo.

they both sort unrealistic damage to kill somebody.
they both use COF
pace of combat and TTK is about the same.

but who would want to make a game thats similar to TF2? COD and BFBC2 are way more popular.
Current Players Peak Today
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9,441 12,057 Battlefield: Bad Company 2

even combined they're not as popular on PC LOL.
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