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It looks like this topic, and for that matter, this forum as a whole is taking on the right approach to a new game that is a sequel as well. The veterans (myself included) it seems, would like much of the old game to stay intact. All the things we love, the Bridge battles, Gal drops, MAX rushes etc... and even tho' in reality we know very little about the game play of PS2 many of us are making judgements about about the changes that are promised without really knowing how they fit in the new game. I know I am guilty of this. Things are changing and people are becoming more open to the new things. There are certain things I dont want. I have voiced my opinions sternly and with conviction. I also know that in reality (with hindsight) I'm talking out my arse because I have no idea how anything the Devs have planned is going to work. It's difficult to pick apart the tidbits the Devs have given us because we only have PS1 to base it on and we wont be playing PS1. I know that I loved the original and I put my trust in the new Dev crew that I will love the sequel as well. As long as it isnt a 1000 player death match with everyone killwhoring and not working towards the objectives I'm pretty sure I'll be happy. There will be things I don't like but I'm sure there will be much more that I do like. I'll hate getting sniped as I run out the door trying to defend my base and you'll hate when I sneak up behind you in my Infi suit and knife you. You'll say cloakers are over powered and I'll say sniper rifles need to be nerfed. As long as we both love the game and servers stay full... thats all that matters and it's what I'm looking forward to.
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