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Re: Ragdoll in Forgelight?

Originally Posted by headcrab13 View Post
They could also use ragdoll in some other interesting ways, such as having a shotgun blast knock someone over the railing on the top deck of a tower, or having a Galaxy go down in a fiery blast that sent the passengers flying in different directions.

Do you guys expect to see ragdoll, and if so, how would this add to the feel of PS2?
I expect to see ragdoll physics, but not with a shotgun. Mythbusters hit that one twice showing even a .50 cal barely makes a person twitch, let alone fly back. Shotgun is the same way, target might stumble due to shock, but there's no way it's going to knock them off anything. Hollywood dramatic effects not actually possible. If physx is as good as they say, then unless they crank up the force on bullets to completely absurd levels we shouldn't see any knockback from bullets or shotguns. Missile impacts and other concussive blasts I would expect, like grenades, tanks, etc. Vanu weaponry being the exception since they don't use kinetic energy weapons.
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