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Re: Why the game fell. 8)

I think this says, if you get my meaning, what is wrong with education today. They have turned to saying in you learn from one style over another you have to compensate. Older teaching was more dynamic and based upon experience from teaching others and work involving the same. So they taught and could teach in ways that could teach any student. The teacher would/could make his own material and should be able to easily. In so doing was experienced to understand and develop understanding of the students needs and thereby get him the information so he could understand. Static vs dynamic class designs. Something in the environment has to be flexible. If it's the student it just puts undo burden on them(You should have a teacher who can deal with multiple student types not force one stupid type to be able to be taught in an efficient way or at all.). And technically steals their money by not having a teacher who can "do his job". The teacher should be the one responsible for being able to teach. You can always teach anyone anything. It's merely filling in the information or premises in an argument. He with the experience is the one who is responsible in life to do so. The elder not the younger, the wise not the simple, etc etc. schools and people today should at least acknowledge that is the current problem. Not try to justify it or rationalize it.

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